Prefabricated multi-level parking lots from a metal frame from Neopark!

Neopark Company has become an official partner of Astron! And now we offer our clients solutions not only for the construction of mechanized parking lots, but also for the design and construction of multi-level parking lots from a metal frame.

Astron multi-level parking is a high factory readiness, European quality, wide spans, reasonable prices, standard and individual solutions!

Visit the page and leave a request for parking calculation!

Prefabricated buildings and parking lots from metal structures

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NeoPark performs a full range of works on the implementation of automated parking systems: Support of development of project documentation and its approval, designing and manufacturing, logistics, installation and taking into operation, warranty and after-sales service.

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Компания “Неопарк” выполняет полный комплекс работ по внедрению механизированных и автоматизированных паркингов: сопровождение разработки проектной документации и согласование, проектирование и изготовление, логистика, монтаж и введение в эксплуатацию, гарантийное и сервисное обслуживание.

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