Our company at the Russian Investment and Construction Forum

The management of Neo-Park took part in the IV Russian Investment and Construction Forum, which took place on February 11-12, 2015 in Moscow.

The forum was organized by the Ministry of Construction and Housing communal services of the Russian Federation. Among the co-organizers are:the Moscow Government, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the National Association of Builders, the Russian Union of Builders, the National Association of Surveyors and Designers, the National Agency for Low-Rise and Cottage Construction, the National Association of Housing Developers.

 actively promotes the idea of ​​the need for widespread and widespread use of mechanized parking in residential and commercial construction, the organization of urban parking space. Our rich experience in the design, manufacture and installation of automated parking lots, a close-knit engineering and design and installation team, close work with developers, state authorities and local governments allow us to look with confidence to the future - to modern cities that are comfortable for life with convenient, spacious, modern parking lots. .
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NeoPark performs a full range of works on the implementation of automated parking systems: Support of development of project documentation and its approval, designing and manufacturing, logistics, installation and taking into operation, warranty and after-sales service.

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Компания “Неопарк” выполняет полный комплекс работ по внедрению механизированных и автоматизированных паркингов: сопровождение разработки проектной документации и согласование, проектирование и изготовление, логистика, монтаж и введение в эксплуатацию, гарантийное и сервисное обслуживание.

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