Neopark participated in Forum 100 +

Neopark took part in Forum 100+
Director of Neopark LLC Andrey Pshenichnikov took part in the round table “Digital transformation in urban planning”, which was moderated by the Deputy Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Development of the Sverdlovsk Region, Puchkov M.V.
One of the central issues of the round table was the issue of digitalization of urban infrastructure to increase the comfort of the urban environment in the face of intensive development of the transport network, etc. The widespread introduction of digital technologies in various spheres of life is no longer surprising:information technologies are rapidly developing in various spheres of life – industry, economy, education, culture. Digitalization is a global process that more and more embraces our lives every day.
“Neopark” shared its experience in automating parking space in an urban environment, proposed solutions to the problem of parking in confined spaces of the city.

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NeoPark performs a full range of works on the implementation of automated parking systems: Support of development of project documentation and its approval, designing and manufacturing, logistics, installation and taking into operation, warranty and after-sales service.

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