Thanks to the evolution of technology, the systems created in the 60-70s of the XX century have changed and improved during all these decades, following this path of development. By the 80s, automatic compact parking lots became very widespread throughout the world, from a business point of view, it became much more profitable to use this invention for parking cars.
Parking lots of that time could already be considered the prototype of a robotic system. When a person pressed the button and the pallet or container on which the car stood was taken to the desired level.

A new surge of interest in vertical automated parking took place in Asia in the 90s. The leader in the number of automated parking lots is still Japan, where about 2 million cars are regularly placed in this way.

Having gone through a long evolution almost a century long and having undergone many changes, continuing to improve, modern parking systems are reliable and safe, and most importantly, still relevant solutions of the present and future, opening a completely different level of interaction between the city and its inhabitants, business and urban infrastructure.

Now robotic parking is a multi-tiered structure with storage cells and an unmanned parking system, including robotic carts, elevators and entry-exit boxes. The robotic cart performs the function of lifting the car and moving the car to the entry-exit boxes, to the elevator platform, to the storage cell. Robotic parking lots provide the maximum coefficient of compaction of parking spaces per plot area, the capacity of a parking lot can be more than 1000 parking spaces.

This is how, in the first century of development of road transport, it was possible to solve the main problem in the city, making room for life and people. Robotic parking lots have become a part of big “smart” cities, these are technologies that maximally save space designed for cars. It has become something more, it has become a global goal, the goal is to create a “smart” city, which is aimed at improving the quality of life of people.

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