From the Regional Champions interview

Has the pandemic and crisis affected your sales market?

Of course, we feel a decline in market activity. But I must say that NEOPARK operates in an ambiguous market, where, in fact, the rules of the game are just being formed. Over the past 4 years, we have developed a habit of changing. We posed hypotheses, worked them out in practice, drew conclusions, changed and changed again … We have not yet earned our first billion, but we have learned how to make a quality product, manage projects, interact with customers from the perspective of customer value, built our own dealer network and, most importantly , we have become a real team, like-minded people.

How is the company coping with the pandemic and crisis?

NEOPARK works. Choice. Today, much determines the choices we make at every moment. The NEOPARK team chooses to act. Circumstances change, life changes, but We remain true to our intention to develop, create smart technologies for cities and people. It is important to look at what surrounds you through love, to create your products with love, to see your destiny in this. We live and work according to the principle that God has two hands and they are yours. Keep your hands and don’t drop them.
Quoting NEOPARK’s production director:“It looks like everything is bad around … But I’m looking at you. You smile, which means everything is in order. Go ahead!” ⠀

In this difficult period for the economy and business, what are you doing to maintain and grow the company?

We pay special attention to the development of new products, such as an unmanned parking system – robotic parking. And today we have launched production of a prototype of a new generation robotic trolley for moving cars.

Have you switched to remote work or are visiting the office?

New innovations have appeared in our daily work, such as disinfection of workplaces, temperature measurement, hand treatment with antiseptic and remote work … Employees who have the opportunity to work remotely – work remotely, we call every day, hold meetings via video communication, and periodically meet in the office.
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