What does it mean to be a NEOPARK dealer?
Our dealers are part of the NEOPARK team!
In 2016, the management of NEOPARK decided to develop sales in the Russian Federation and abroad by creating its own dealer network.
The first dealer and business partner of NEOPARK was MASH UNIT in Moscow, represented by Andrey Larin, General Director.
Today we decided to ask Andrey a few questions about how the cooperation was built, what we managed to achieve, what were the difficulties and what development prospects.

Andrey, do you remember how your collaboration with NEOPRAK began?
My business partner introduced me to the management of NEOPARK. At that time, they were looking for a dealer to promote and sell equipment in Moscow and the Moscow region. We met, discussed the terms of cooperation, created a roadmap and started to act. We can say that our cooperation began with the first meeting in Moscow.
What attracted you to NEOPARK, why did you decide to become a dealer?
I was attracted by the fact that NEOPARK had a strategic understanding of the development of the direction of mechanized parking in Russia and an action plan was defined. I realized that this is not just a product, but an innovative solution behind which there is a certain knowledge and technology base, in the form of ready-made equipment and experience in doing business in the field of parking mechanization. It was immediately clear that this was not a startup.

How do you assess the prospects of the mechanized parking market in Moscow and Moscow region?
The city is developing and there is a need for technologies that will help to provide the required number of parking spaces in a limited space. I believe that robotic parking is an irreplaceable solution in the development of the “Smart City” concept.
What are the most significant achievements in 4 years of cooperation?
Our successes are realized projects. Today, our parking lots are already operating in Moscow:mechanized two-level lifts and a robotic parking with an unmanned car parking system. At the moment, work is underway in accordance with GOSTs, which was initiated at the beginning of our cooperation. This is due to the fact that there is no regulated market and basic safety requirements, therefore
there is a problem that equipment comes to the market without any safety nodes and of unknown quality, which can lead to problems, both on the part of the customer and on the part of people who use such parking systems.

What does it mean to you to be a dealer of NEOPARK?
Of course, this is the entire volume of work associated with the promotion and sales of mechanized and robotic parking NEOPARK, the implementation of turnkey projects, service and complete customer focus. It is also important that cooperation with NEOPRAK is always teamwork, high technical and commercial competence of specialists, full understanding of the matter, and well-coordinated work. We are all part of a single whole.
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