I love the exterior of the Discovery Sport. Neither excessive seriousness nor explicit gender identity – modern unisex. It seems to be a simple, family car, but at the same time it visually hints at sporting ambitions. The exterior design is continued in the interior, quality finishes and premium leather.

Unpretentious architecture, primitive buttons on the center console, a spectacular selector washer that floats and sinks. The interior for such an appearance is modest, in a British prim and as if from another time. All this, combined with the true spirit of the Land Rover brand, brings British elegance to the interior.

Now you can start the engine, of course, with a button. The rumble of a 2.0 diesel engine is heard only from the outside, it hardly penetrates into the cabin. The revs are almost instantly reduced to idle, you can get under way and pick up speed. And at the very first traffic light, the car demonstrates what it is capable of. This is not a wave, this is a real acceleration shaft! The pick up at the start is encouraging. The motor pulls right, without lyrical digressions, although the “automatic” slightly twitches when switching. The nine-speed ZF transmission is just that fly in the ointment:I pressed the gas to the floor, and the gearbox thinks. Turbodiesel pulls, but the working range is narrow, which is why not the smartest gearbox does not allow itself to be forgotten. Inside, it is too comfortable, quiet and high, which alienates the body and brain from what is happening on the road. Even if you turn on the sports mode of the box, the difference will be insignificant.

Discovery Sport handles well, but all of its reactions are deliberately softened. The directional stability of the new Discovery Sport is brilliant. On local roads, covered with patches, cracks and potholes, the car is also in no hurry to “unwind” and, although it passes roughly unevenness, it still does not “jump” to the sides and does not go off course.

Sport is not to be confused with the big Discovery. Visually, the car also hints at sporting ambitions. The dynamism of the Discovery Sport profile is enhanced by the sloping roofline and sloping strut.
Having a sports regime, the English aristocrat turns into an aggressive and impudent animal. All good manners remain in the past, glamor dissipates, and he rushes forward with some passion and cynical impudence.
The uncompromising rigid suspension also speaks of its sporty character. The tight steering wheel is not sharp, but its settings have absolutely transparent feedback, so that the Discovery Sport is controlled easily and comfortably.

Discovery Sport is the continuation of the legendary Freelander and the co-platform Evoque. If the Evoque is for a younger audience, the Discovery Sport is more for the family. In general, the car is calm and at the same time dynamic, comfortable and rustic. Its competitors are the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Toyota LC Prado.

Discovery Sport’s average maintenance cost per 20,000 kilometers per year.
OSAGO _________________________________________________________ 13 000 rub.
CASCO _________________________________________________________ 150 000 rub.
Transport tax __________________________________________ 7000 rub.
TO _______________________________________________________________ 20,000 rubles.
Fuel ________________________________________________________ 69 000 rub.
Total:__________________________________________________________ 259,000 rubles. (21 583 rubles per month)
Kilometer mileage (fuel only):_____________________ 3.45 r. (5 750 rubles per month)
Kilometer mileage (including all expenses, including hull insurance):_____ 12.95 rubles. (21 583 rubles per month)
Kilometer mileage (including all expenses, except CASCO):________ 5.45 rubles. (9 083 rubles per month)
This is how the Discovery Sport of the first generation is remembered:spacious, dynamic, comfortable and quite passable. It seems to be a great choice for those looking for a balanced, thoughtful and most importantly, a mid-size premium crossover built to ride on more than just hard surfaces. Discovery Sport has a lot of experience. There are undoubtedly enough shortcomings, and the main one is the prohibitive price tag.
I cannot say that I did not like Discovery Sport. I traveled around the city a lot. On the off-road, I didn’t stick out, but I believe that in this case, Discovery Sport is stronger than many. The car is generally decent.
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