By Anna Koltysheva, commercial director of NEOPARK …
We are regularly approached by companies that independently purchased equipment in China at a low price, with a request to solve their problem, assemble and launch equipment for which there is often no documentation. Or the customer calls and says that he bought the equipment from the intermediary company, the company brought it, promised to assemble it, but it did not work out. And so it turns out that the Customer gets paid twice. First, he buys untested equipment, and then he looks for someone who can assemble, modernize and put it into operation.
There are a large number of manufacturers of mechanized parking complexes in China. All of them cooperate with many reseller companies that resell this equipment around the world.
In the market of mechanized parking lots in Russia, there are mainly intermediary companies whose main task is to resell equipment of inadequate quality at a low price.
As a rule, the buyer “falls for the bait” of sellers, attracted by the low price of equipment and stories about “own factory in China and Korea.” But the buyer, as a rule, does not know all the specifics of the work of mechanized parking lots, as well as all the “pitfalls” in the passage of state expertise and the construction of parking lots.
We’ve written 6 reasons why you shouldn’t buy cheap Chinese equipment
1. Chronic not work fitness.
2. Lack of sufficient technical documentation.
3. Cheap components that fail regularly.
4. Inconsistency of characteristics declared in the documentation.
5. Low resource of equipment operation.
6. Lack of warranty and service from the manufacturer.
Note that Chinese manufacturing plants provide equipment in various price segments. Undoubtedly, high-quality and reliable equipment can be purchased, but its price will be at the level of European counterparts.

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