We continue to expand the geography of objects with our equipment, this time the city of Perm. Residential complex Olkhovskaya 21 is a new, modern, 2-entrance, 16-storey brick residential building, which is located in a calm, quiet and ecologically clean area. This residential complex has 256 apartments, a landscaped area with parking for cars.

Our client, the developer of this residential complex, contacted us with a problem – the lack of parking spaces in the yard, which had to be solved with the help of mechanization. And since the parking is on the street, a special solution is needed for the Russian climatic conditions. Neopark performed a full cycle of works, from design to installation. 4 mechanized lifts were installed with a climatic modification of -40 – +45.

NEOPARK. We do parking lots.
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NeoPark performs a full range of works on the implementation of automated parking systems: Support of development of project documentation and its approval, designing and manufacturing, logistics, installation and taking into operation, warranty and after-sales service.

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