Neopark Service

Repair and maintenance
of the car parks
Order of the original spare parts. Selection of the required units for repair
Professional approach. Qualified staff, availability of permission documentation
Technical support Warranty/Training/Technical Maintenance

Our services

Emergency repair

Arrival of the specialist within 2 hours


Failure recovery at site

Recommendations for repair

Service maintenance

Assessment of equipment condition

Development of the technical maintenance plan

Regular implementation of the technical maintenance

Reminding about the coming maintenance


Technical inspection of the equipment

Development of the modernization project

Development of the parking control system

Implementation of modernization with change and/or repair of the parking unit s and components

Installation and dismantling

Project development for installation and dismantling

Implementation of installation and dismantling works

Commissioning works

Equipment packing and preservation

Online support in Telegram

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If you already have the required equipment

Please apply to us. We are the experts in mechanization and always ready to help you!


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